15 October 2012

Kids Clothes Week Challenge

I had a pretty successful kids clothes week challenge this past week if I may say so myself.  The challenge is just to sew kids clothes for an hour a day for a week just to see what you can come up with in that time.  I didn't quite do it every day but I did my seven hours.  And I did a lot of prep work including cutting fabric the week before which just makes the sewing fly by and the whole thing more fun of course.  

First I made the super simple corduroy pants seen on Henry above and below.  Henry and I both like them except I see now it was a mistake to put those patch pockets on the front because it makes it look like he's wearing his pants backwards - oops.  I was just trying to add some detail for interest - they are the super simple elastic waist pants I always make by tracing existing pants.  

 I also made a couple pairs of Anna Maria Horner's quick change trousers from Handmade Beginnings. For Henry's, I used some wool pants for material lining them in plaid flannel so they should keep Henry nice and warm this winter.  And I did the back yoke with some back pockets from some other grey wool pants which I think looks really cool.

And here are Bridget's quick change trousers.  I love the fabrics I picked out for hers - that tweedy pink is so perfect for winter pants.  And I had a very small amount of that floral fabric so it felt good to use up the very last of it for the back yoke.  Don't you love that picture of Henry helping her stand to show off the contrasting back yoke?  Bridget is also wearing the T-shirt I made her when I was pregnant, blogged here.  

And lastly I made some little warm shoes for Bridget.  My skinny-footed babies always need shoes to keep their socks on.  I used a felted wool sweater for the outer and cotton flannel for the lining so they'll keep her warm this winter.  These are also from Handmade Beginnings and I also made a pair for Henry back in the day which got lots of use.  

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