15 April 2011

Summer Pants

I did some more summer sewing for Henry this week. Finally got to try out this pattern from Anna Maria Horner's Handmade Beginnings for reversible pants. Just like Anna Maria Horner's baby in the hood jacket they involved co-ordinating several fabrics. With the different coloured back yoke and the turned up cuff, that's 3 fabrics to pick to coordinate. Plus the reverse side. So that was the hardest part - choosing the fabrics. I got to use this fish fabric that I got from a man's shirt and the very very last of that indian fabric, a fabric that has shown up in almost all of my sewing projects in the last few months, I will miss it.

And for the reverse side I used two linens that I had scraps of. This side was the afterthought side but I definitely like how it turned out too.

The pants are just two layers of thin cotton so perfect for summer. At first I was reluctant to complicate elastic-waisted pants because they are usually so simple and easy to make. But making them reversible is great for rolling them up - perfect for summer and perfect for growing boys. These should fit him for a while.

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