12 April 2011

A Sun Hat

This warm sunny weather we've been having meant I had to quickly make Henry a sun hat. Luckily I had a pattern for one from the book Little Things to Sew. See lots more examples of this hat here. I finished it up yesterday and he got to test it out today.

It is a really nice pattern, good sized brim and I like the seams on the side instead of the back. I didn't quite follow the directions because they involved a lot of hand sewing and I added the band of lining fabric around the cap. I couldn't make it reversible because I needed to put a strap on it. And instead of interfacing I just put a couple extra layers of fabric in the brim and it is plenty stiff enough.
We are having great weather this week and have been spending lots of time out in the backyard. Henry likes it some of the time but he'd rather be walking down the street.

I put sand in his sand box today hoping that that would keep him happy but he only liked it for about 5 minutes.

And while I'm posting pictures from the backyard, this bird showed up on our patio yesterday. We think it flew into the window and hurt itself. It lay there for a couple hours and then it was gone so we have every reason to believe that it recovered and flew away. I'm glad we got the chance to see it, it is such a striking bird and I've never seen one before.

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  1. My parents' bird book says it's a Common Flicker (red-shafted). In the woodpecker family, apparently. I've never seen such a thing before! Great picture.