09 November 2010

Henry's New Hat

I made Henry another hat. I was attempting to make the Sweet Pea Pilot cap last week and the one I was making was coming out way too small so I scrapped it and rather than start all over again I came up with this.

I just took a hood off an old adult's sweatshirt, cut it to about Henry's size, had to dart along the existing seams to make it fit right. Then I zig zag stitched along that seam with the purple just for looks and added the purple binding around the edges and as a strap, very similar to the Sweet Pea Pilot Cap. The purple binding is the waistband off another old sweatshirt. I found the sweatshirts to be very easy to work with as well as soft and warm, will have to come up with some more projects to use them for soon.

I have actually been doing loads of sewing recently but it is mostly for Christmas presents so I won't be posting it till later.

Oh and the very best thing about this hat which makes it better than any other I've made is that it seems Henry cannot pull it off his head! A very important requirement for an 8 month old.

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