30 November 2010

The new puppy and his coat

My sister Eliza just got a new puppy. His name is Wilson and he is a cross between a french bulldog and a pug. Henry and I have been spending a lot of time in Mississauga this past week enjoying the new puppy and enjoying the company while Kevin is on a business trip.

Yesterday I sewed him up a doggy coat using the pattern from One Yard Wonders to keep him warm this winter.

And here are some pictures of Henry meeting the puppy. So far Henry loves watching Wilson when he is moving around but when they get close Wilson tends to lick Henry which Henry does not like. Henry doesn't cry or anything he just pulls his hand away or turns his head (depending on what is getting licked) and pulls a yucky face. He's started pulling the face before Wilson even gets too close to him.

Henry's favourite part about the new puppy though is probably all the new toys lying around. We tried to keep their toys separate at first but that was too difficult and they probably all have equal proportions of baby and dog slobber on them. It is funny how similar the 9 month old and the puppy are.

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