19 November 2010

Henry's Second Chair: a dino chair

I finished Henry's second chair that I've been planning since I was about half done his first chair. I'm pretty darn proud of it, in fact I think it turned out awesome! I should mention Kevin drew the dinosaur for me.

Like the first chair, it is made of 2x4s, about $3 worth of them. Except the dinosaur was cut out of some pine that I still had left over from when I would take the scraps home from carpentry school. But unlike the first chair there is not a single screw or nail showing. (Screws hold the seat on but they are only visible from underneath.) Everything else is attached by biscuits or dowels or just 'routered' out spaces and glue. It was really fun figuring that all out and putting it together like a puzzle. I am already thinking about making the next one with a squirrel instead of the dino and leaving it unpainted and after that maybe experimenting with an upholstered chair. Such fun!


  1. Wow! That chair is really cool!! I would buy that and think it's mass produced or something.

    Mike says it's "really cherry"...

  2. Is "really cherry" some new slang?

  3. I'm pretty sure he's just being an idiot!