16 November 2010

In the brewery: Clove Wine and Pineapple Wine

We did some bottling tonight. Bottled our clove wine and our pineapple orange juice wine that we started a few months ago. This meant we also got to taste them! The clove wine tasted like cloves but tasted better and not as weird as we had guessed. And the pineapple orange juice wine had a lot of pineapple taste but no orange taste. And it was weird because it wasn't sweet at all. Mostly though it really tasted like a white wine and it was pretty good. We just had a gallon of each and we did half of each sparkling and half flat. We will be drinking them soon.

Both of these are recipes from First Steps in Winemaking.

And Henry was keeping us company while we bottled and was being a bit moany. Until we put him in the bucket that is. He loved it in there and played happily for around 15 minutes.

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