02 June 2011

The Heat

I am writing this on my new laptop. Our other one broke which is why this post is a couple days late.

On Monday and Tuesday this week we had some crazy hot weather, feels like 40C type of hot humid weather. Henry and I had loads of fun in it though. I took lots of pictures of our adventures on those hot days.

We saw several baby birds out of the nest with their parents yelling at them to learn to fly. This robin was on the ground with its sibling in our backyard.

Of course we were in the wading pool. Henry really liked the shower from his little watering can.

Lots of popsicles. I froze a smoothie of fruits with kale, tofu, and soy protein powder. And the ones for Henry I stuck one of his kiddie spoons in instead of the little stick that came with the mold so he could hold it quite easily.

Lots of time exploring in the backyard including learning what does and does not float. This included some diaper free time. Henry did not want to be put on the potty but he was definitely interested in seeing what was coming from his body for a change.

Some swinging and waiting for those flowers to turn into strawberries. Our strawberry patch has ended up under the new swingset so this year I planted 6 new strawberry plants around the backyard hoping that at least a few of them will flourish into new patches.

We did make it out to the park a couple of times despite the heat. Henry is becoming quite the walker. He's getting faster and better at following along, still with a little exploring of course.

And here's some more wildlife that we caught a glimpse of yesterday.

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