03 June 2011

Henry's Car Shirt

Henry loves pointing at cars and pictures of cars and yelling 'caw caw' so I had the idea to make him a shirt with cars on it. On Tuesday Henry and I went to the fabric store and picked out some fabric. That part was a little less perfect than I had imagined because of course Henry was more interested in running around the store than looking at the fabric I was showing him and this was a hot day and the store had no air conditioning! But I found some cool fabric and the next day finished up a little shirt for him. I used the shirt pattern that came his party outfit and it fits perfectly.

At first he didn't seem too impressed with the shirt, he had liked pointing at the fabric and saying 'caw' but was ignoring it now that it was on. But then suddenly he liked it.

And then he looked down at the shirt and pointed at the cars and said 'caw'. Just like I had dreamed about.And he even did it several times throughout the day with no prompting.
It was a really wonderful day yesterday. It's fun to take Henry out nowadays because he's always so happy and everyone just loves him. We also had our first fire in the backyard and went on a lovely evening stroll.

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