05 June 2011

Mariposa Dress

Last week I made myself the mariposa dress from Anna Maria Horner's Handmade Beginnings, I've made several things from this book now. I like how this dress turned out. It's a little on the big size even after I took in the skirt a bit but oh well it will be great for after the next baby. I used some thrift store cotton material in an indian print.

I love wearing dresses in the summer but of course I can't while I am still nursing so having a nursing dress is really great. I think the design is quite clever - here you can see how it works.


  1. Thanks so much for showing how it goes together in the front! I wasn't sure I wanted to buy the book, because I would be buying it for this pattern alone and couldn't see enough of the construction to know if it would feel bulky and uncomfortable... but it looks good! I'm excited to make this now!

  2. I'm stuck on step 41, putting the elastic in the back (?). it says to sew the elastic right up against seam line from step 38 (which is the front). How can that be if I am sewing the elastic into the back of the dress???
    Thanks--any help?