11 June 2011

Sewing For Me and Henry's Busy Day

I finally made a hat for myself that I think I like. I used the New Look Pattern 6024 that I used for a top last week. I copied the size and shape of the brim from my Tilley hat though, didn't want to end up with something too glam again.

And here's one of the clothing items that I sewed for myself in the past week, still need to get around to photographing the rest. This is 'J' from Happy Homemade, a Japanese pattern book that I bought for myself and that arrived last week. Here is someone else's version. It was a cooler day yesterday and my new jacket was the perfect thing to throw on over a T-shirt.

I made this from a crinkle cotton - why didn't anyone ever tell me to stay away from crinkle cotton!? I didn't realize at all how difficult it would be to sew with till I was ready to start. Going through the sewing machine across the crease lines stretches them out. So I had to sew almost the whole thing with the fabric sandwiched between 2 layers of tissue paper. And if that wasn't hard enough, it turned out to be very difficult to get rid of the little bits of tissue paper stuck under the stitches when I was done. I think if I had pulled the tissue paper out very carefully to begin with it would have helped but I just ripped it out thinking I'd clean it up later. Moving on, the pattern was very easy to follow even though I couldn't read the directions, only look at the very clear diagrams.
And here are some pictures from Henry's busy day yesterday.
Playing at the big playground at Victoria Park in Kitchener where we met up with some new friends.
A quick stop at the library, we would have stayed longer if Henry hadn't kept putting the pieces in his mouth while staring at me with a naughty look on his face after I told him not to put them in his mouth. I guess it was more fun to test Mom than to play with the puzzle.

Chillaxing in his stroller.Playing at another playground.
Here he is saying "caw caw caw caw caw caw caw"

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