24 August 2011

18 Month Old Henry

I have been doing a lot of Henry posts lately but I still feel like I want to have something in this space specifically about my first son when he is 18 months old (today). He can do so much now.

He talks. He now combines 2 or 3 words. He says "uh oh ball" and "uh oh car" to tell us that he's dropped something whether on purpose or not. He says "yellow car" and "big car" and "big sky" (sky means airplane). Usually yellow car refers to an actual yellow car but, while I think he used to know what big meant, now he uses it for everything. He has said "no" a few times but usually he just shakes his head and grunts or if you are offering him something he will push it away or sometimes even grab it and then throw it. He has no word for yes, it is just an absence of the "no" body language. So we are trying to teach him yes please. Sometimes he thinks saying please is so fun but usually he refuses to say it.

Sometimes he just chants "yellow car yellow car yellow car".

He is learning colours. His favourite is yellow and he recognizes it in lots of places. I can say point to the yellow one and he usually gets it. He can now also get red most of the time and sometimes blue.

He likes going in the car. He is usually happy to get in and he sits back there quietly even when we drive long distances.

He likes to brush his teeth and his hair.

He likes to walk but he also likes the stroller and the bike trailer and will drop whatever fun thing he's doing when he sees us take them out of the garage.

His favourite place to play is the front yard in the tree and on the driveway. He now loves lifting up his feet and riding his toy down the driveway. And while it is scary to see him speeding toward the road he always always stops himself at the sidewalk.

He knows to hold hands when we cross the road.

He likes the playground but often not for long and he'll just start walking away from it so we continue on our walk.

He knows what he wants to do. He says "door" and knocks on the door when he wants to go outside. He holds onto the freezer door handle and says caco when he wants a popsicle.

He is working on walking up and down stairs as opposed to crawling and climbing ladders.

The instructions he usually follows are "go knock on Daddy's door", "bring me your shoes so we can go outside", and "go get a book for us to read".

He has good eating days and bad eating days. On a good eating day he likes sprouts, broccoli, chick peas, peas, and all sorts of fruit. On a bad eating day he eats nothing but bread, crackers, smoothies, and popsicles. Luckily I have figured out how to put lots of good stuff in smoothies and popsicles and I just made a batch of crackers that are mostly ground nuts and seeds with even some kale and he likes those.

He nurses just 2 or 3 times a day now. I'm glad I am still nursing now even though there were times in the last few months when he was demanding it all the time and when I was sick of it. Now it is a nice way to relax together. And it is great to have that simple tool to calm him down from some of the biggest freak outs.

He is the sweetest little kid and I love him and love hanging out with him all day.

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