09 August 2011

2 New Tops

I made myself 2 new tops recently. The first one came from this vintage pattern and I'm pretty pleased with it, not sure it will get much wear though as it doesn't fit in with my everyday clothes all that well. I love the little attached sleeves though. And they are super practical - cover my shoulders from the sun but are nice and open so I feel as if I am wearing a sleeveless top.
Also note my cute new hairstyle that I cut myself yesterday.

This second is a pattern I drafted using that pattern as a base. I knew I definitely wanted another top with those perfect sleeves. I kept the basic shape but simplified everything else - no collar, no slit in the front, just two pieces. I used a vintage sheet as my material. I was a bit worried about the clown effect wearing pink and orange and fluorescent green but I've worn it a few times now and no one has mistaken me for a clown. Actually I felt quite comfortable and confident in it. So I love my new top and it feels good to have mostly drafted the pattern myself. If I make it again though I will make the neckline much lower. It will look better and I won't feel like I have my top on backwards all day.Both these projects were from a week or so ago. I haven't been sewing much the past week as I have just been too busy with this little guy - just so much fun stuff to do with an almost 18 month old in the summer! Doesn't he look so big and grown up all of a sudden!?!

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