31 August 2011

The Garden

Food keeps coming out of the garden. We are getting a steady stream of tomatoes now that even includes some biggish ones. I didn't plant as many cherry tomatoes this year though so I don't think I'll have to even get the dehydrator out which I'm a bit sad about - no unlimited supply of sundried tomatoes. And the first squash fell off the vine. I'm not sure what kind this is, I don't think I ever planted any like this, it must be a hybrid of different kinds I've planted. Apparently those hybrids never taste good.

The weather has been beautiful the past few days so even though my allergies are terrible Henry and I have been spending lots of time outside including in the back garden. Henry had a lot of fun using his little watering can. He kept bringing it back empty and saying "more". And then he just had fun playing with the water. Dropping the watering can in a bucket and he liked it when I splashed him a few times.

Last night for dinner I made a vegan pizza with lots of tomatoes and basil from the garden. In place of the cheese I used regular tofu mixed with nutritional yeast and garlic. It didn't taste like cheese but gave the pizza some more substance. It was the first time I'd tried this and we both liked it.

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