11 August 2011


It finally happened - we got our first ripe tomatoes out of the garden, took a bit longer than usual this year. And they are delicious, can't wait for more. We have plenty of green tomatoes on the plants that we are waiting for. Including lots of big ones this year that always threaten to not turn red, to either stay green till the snow comes or to rot.

And while I was out there I pulled up the dead pea plants. This year I am going to try planting a fall crop of peas for the first time. And with the pea plants out I was able to get at these sneaky potatoes that grew from potatoes I missed harvesting last year. We got a full 3L basket of them.

Henry did quite a good job of entertaining himself while I was back there.

He ate some peas from one good pod that I found.

And I caught him climbing up the slide on his own!

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