18 August 2011


We got peaches from our tree! We planted this little thing in 2008 shortly after we moved in. In 2009 we got 5 peaches already!! In 2010 we got zero. And in 2011 we got 8. And I saw a squirrel running around with one too. I love our peach tree, I think it is called reliance but not sure.

8 juicy little peaches. They really tasted absolutely perfect this year. Equally as good as the best peach I've ever tasted. We've been eating them along with our store bought peaches all week. It's lovely having our own homegrown peaches but 8 is not nearly enough of course.

Look how the tiny peaches fit so perfectly into that tiny toddler hand. I really wanted a picture of little Henry eating a little peach but he would not co-operate and has been refusing to eat any peaches at all!

This is as close as I got: a picture of him eating a full sized peach last week which was before he decided he does not like peaches.

And here are some other recent pictures of my favourite kid:

Working on climbing the ladders at the playground now, look at that determination!

And more beach time!

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