14 November 2011

2 New Skirts

I am very much into elastic waist skirts nowadays and think I will be through the rest of my childbearing years - I am sick of changing sizes and not fitting into my clothes. And they are comfy and warm with some soft leggings underneath. I made these 2 a couple of weeks ago.

This first one was actually already a skirt but it was full length and super high skinny waisted - not very comfortable or wearable. But I loved the pattern on it and it is a nice knit material so could be very comfortable. I've had it forever, I remember wearing it for 7th grade picture day and before that I think it was my mum's. And now after hanging in my closet for years and years I am actually getting wear out of it and I love it.
This one was made from some thrift store fabric. I just traced the approximate shape of another skirt and added a circular patch pocket.
We cleared some leaves on Saturday. Here's Henry helping. Putting leaves in the wheelbarrow one small handful at a time and then helping me push the wheelbarrow to the road.

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