30 November 2011

More Beer Shelves

Kevin's beer bottle collection continues to grow. This is even though it only contains the most interesting bottles. And even though we are brewing a lot of our own beer now and should be buying less of it. But Kevin continues to remind me that it is still much cheaper to love nice beers than it is to love nice wines. And that is very true.

So I had to add some more shelving to hold the growing collection, just 2 more shelves on one wall. I used the same method as before using 2x4s, the super easy and cheap method described here.

And what has our 21 month old Henry been up to? Well we've had some cold and rainy weather recently so we've been spending some time indoors. And he really likes hanging out in the basement. It's sometimes annoying to have to go down there with him - he's not the best at playing by himself and we brought the train table back upstairs for this reason. But it's also sometimes nice to hang out just the three of us playing together in the rec room.

He even let us play with his train track pieces, Henry was not very impressed with this and just wanted to play with the smaller track on the table after awhile. And clearly we need more straight pieces.
He loves playing lego with Daddy, mostly Kevin just makes him various cars but he also loves looking through the little pieces and finding the horses, dinos, alligators, and octopi.
And of course we're still reading up a storm. This is a rare moment when Henry was reading on his own, usually he insists that you read to him (and he usually doesn't read the book upside down either!).

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