03 November 2011

His and Hers Hats

Kevin and I have been wearing our his and hers matching grey hats recently. Whenever I have asked Kevin about knitting a hat for him he has always said "no thanks I already have a hat." What a boring practical thing to say. But at the end of last winter he lost his hat! So finally I got to knit him a hat. They are actually from different yarn. Mine is quite a bit thicker than Kevin's - he specifically requested a thin yarn. And I didn't purposely make them matching. When it came to make Kevin's that was the only colour I could find that I thought he'd like.
Henry's also wearing a hat I knit. His yellow hat is currently the only hat he will wear. I think it was about the second thing I ever knit if you don't count the many garter stitch bookmarks I knit as a kid. It is also too small for him, doesn't cover his little ears enough. I am working on knitting him another yellow hat but who knows if he will like it.

Here are some more pictures from Sunday. It was a nice day so we went to the big park in Uptown Waterloo and had a great time. Henry is really into running down hills these days and there were lots of hills for him there.

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