04 November 2011

Bear Hood

In an effort to get Henry a nice warm hat that fits him well and that he will wear I sewed up the bear hood from Oliver and S Little Things to Sew yesterday. I chose soft fleece and made sure to make it yellow which is Henry's favourite colour. (The only hat he currently wears is his yellow hat.) And he likes putting on his bath towel that makes him look like a duck so I thought there was a chance he might like to look like a bear.
I showed it to him this morning and he hated it. He hated it so much he yelled no and ran away as soon as he saw it. So that is why Big Bird is the one wearing the hat. But Henry didn't even like that, he had to grab Big Bird off the sofa to save him from the hat.
On an unrelated note, last night I found this awesome vintage outfit, would have looked especially awesome with the yellow bear hat too. I couldn't resist not only because I love it and its one-of-a-kindness but because I knew Henry would love it too - it's yellow and has an animal on it. And he does love it, kept saying "yellow pants". But it's just a smidge too small so after these photos were taken it is on its way into storage for baby #2. Oh well, at least Henry and I got to enjoy it for a little while this morning.

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