15 November 2011

The greenhouse

We actually did it. We made a greenhouse with the windows that we've been collecting from people's garbage for 3 years. 3 years is a long time so at the end of the summer I decided I had to actually make the greenhouse or get rid of the windows that were taking up so much space in the garage. And I'm still surprised that I ended up doing it. And even more surprised that it turned out so awesome.
We ended up using just 4 windows thanks to those 2 huge ones that made up the one big wall. And try as I did I could not find a storm door for free so we ended up buying one from the Habitat for Humanity Re-Store. The free windows helped but we still ended up spending a lot of money on this project: the lumber, the plastic roof, the door, the paint.

It is done, all 3 walls are complete. There are of course lots of little things left to do. I have to add weather stripping, spray foam, and sealant to keep out drafts, but I think I will leave that till Spring. And I want to find nice pebbles to cover the floor. And I have to make or buy shelving of course.

And when I tell people about our project they all ask what I want to grow. And I don't know, I just figured it would be awesome to have a greenhouse and I'm sure it will help in the veggie garden. So I have to figure out what I want to grow in there too. I know I will use it for tomatoes, maybe eggplants and peppers because I've never had much luck with those. I am also thinking about maybe a potted fig tree that could overwinter in there. And I'm sure one summer I'll experiment with melons. And I want to do extend greens season further into spring and fall. See I don't need to decide, having a greenhouse is awesome and there are loads of awesome things I can do.

We started working on it in September and got most of it done then. But then in October we were stuck waiting for it not to rain forever so we could do the painting. And then finally last weekend we had nice weather and we did the roof and then this week I finally got round to filling a few holes - one with a sliding wood panel for ventilation (seen below) and one with plexiglass.

Here's Henry helping me clear out the area back in September.
Here's Henry helping us paint in October.
Hopefully he will help with the finishing touches in the Spring.

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