25 May 2011

Henry's current favourite

Henry loves to point at cars (or anything with wheels) and say "caw" or "caw caw" or sometimes "ga ga" but they all mean car. I never thought that little baby of mine would be grown up enough to talk but the talking is slowly coming. Here are some pictures of him yelling "caw" at the screen while Kevin played a Thomas the Tank engine cartoon for him.

Some other things that he likes to say are 'nana (banana), mama (I want to nurse), a daw (a dog), and if you ask him what does a cow say, he says mmmmm and looks very pleased with himself. That mooing is thanks to the book 'Does a Cow Say Boo?' which has been a favourite for months.

And he is constantly surprising us right now with how much he understands. I'll tell him to do something and he'll do it! We asked him where his mouth was yesterday and he pointed to his mouth! No one's taught him that. He has been pointing to his head, feet, and sometimes tummy on demand since Grandma taught him that a few weeks ago.

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