01 September 2011


Since discovering that Henry loves hiking on our trip to Algonquin I've been trying to recreate the experience back at home for him. I had to come up with some local trails that were not gravel because I know Henry loves to just sit and play with rocks when they are available.

First we went to Breithaupt Park which was great: dirt paths with some tree roots to step over and lots of up and down. We both had a great time.

And then we tried walking through the little path that goes through the forest in Moses Springer Park, right in our neighbourhood. Henry was having a great time but I turned us around after about 5 minutes because there were just too many mosquitoes, will have to try that one again in another month.

Being away at Algonquin has given me a new appreciation for the natural beauty around home. Henry and I will have to do some more local hiking this month.

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