13 October 2011

Big Boy Toys

All of a sudden last week it became obvious to me that Henry was ready for some big boy toys. He has been playing with my mum's set of old Fisher Price Little People for months but all of a sudden he's doing more than pushing the cars down the ramp, he's putting people in the cars and he's interested in the elevator. And he loves the wooden trains at Chapters. Here he is playing with other people's toys.

And here he is playing with his very own versions that his Mommy and Daddy who love to spoil him rushed out to buy this week. I got him some Fisher Price Little people which are just perfect for him right now. He is a little young for the train set but still enjoying it (when it's not frustrating him) and Kevin and I just love it too. Eventually the train set will be moved to the basement but we thought while it's still new and very exciting we will have it up here, taking over the entire living room.

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