04 October 2011


I went out in the nasty wet garden this morning to pick all the squash. We didn't get a single butternut squash from the seeds that I planted this spring but we did get plenty of these mystery squash that seem to be a hybrid of some squash I've planted in previous years. Even though I've read that these surprise squash hybrid never taste good, we've tried these already and they're delicious - very sweet and nice texture. So overall I think the squash were actually a success this year. I plan to make the first squash coconut curry of the season later this week.

There have been a few beautiful fall days the past couple of weeks but mostly we've been getting this nasty wet weather so Henry and I have been spending lots of time indoors.

We are still having fun. He often requests painting these days by pointing at his artwork on the wall and saying more. It is fun to paint with him except when he gets into the mode of just asking you to put more and more paint on his paper and not doing anything with it!

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