28 October 2011

My week with a 20 month old

Nothing too exciting to report this week. Have been having lots of fun with my 20 month old Henry. He's got his colours mostly down now and he's been working on memorizing the names of the Sesame Street characters. His talking and understanding is improving significantly each day. He knows loads of words and his pronunciation is finally starting to improve; he can now say bat and bunny perfectly!

He fell in love with Elmo and Big Bird from a couple of books we have and just this week we watched some Sesame Street on Youtube which he loved. Here he is watching it on the computer and also pulling off the 3 key.

His other favourite thing to watch right now is a baby einstein video we have featuring animals - he goes and finds the DVD and brings it to us saying "ammo".

We've been going out a bit as it has finally mostly stopped raining but Henry often doesn't want to go out and it is a huge chore to get him dressed in warm clothes. He is very into picking out all of his own clothes these days too. And as much as I have loved picking outfits for him I also love seeing him in his own creations. He of course loves anything with an animal or car or dinosaur on it.

He's still playing with his train table. It's in the basement now so when he wants to play he'll say some combination of "down", "trains", and "choo choo". We went out last night to buy a few more pieces which allows us to make more of the track elevated. Henry doesn't care of course but it's more fun for Kevin and I now.

Here he is playing with a doll. I am trying to encourage him to play with things other than cars - broaden his interests. We call the dolls babies and he likes to give them kisses. I gave him a blanket to put on them to help put them to sleep but he prefers ripping it off of them and he still doesn't like them riding in his doll stroller. His grandparents have gotten him into playdough this week and he has been requesting that several times a day.

And I pulled another non-car toy out of the closet the other day. The wooden dinosaurs that Kevin and I made about 2 years ago. Kevin drew them, I cut them out on the scroll saw, and then we painted them together. We also made a whole set of barnyard animals but my plan is to save those for Christmas. He loves the dinosaurs and it is awesome to see him playing with them. So far he mostly stands them up, then accidentally knocks them over, and then stands them up again. He also likes to kiss them as you can see in the last picture.

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