31 October 2011


We had some fun with halloween activities this year.

Henry loved running around at the pumpkin patch.

He picked out his own little pumpkin. He liked showing us the "big pumpkin" and the "small pumpkin", he's been learning several opposites recently. He's mastered up and down and is working on in and out.

Henry wanted no part of the pumpkin carving because he's not into getting his hands dirty at the moment and often asks us to "wipe". But he did enjoy painting his little pumpkin.

And I had planned a cowboy costume for him, I even made the hat and vest but since I knew he wouldn't wear the hat and he's really into animals right now I pulled out this elephant costume that I'd picked up at a thrift store a couple months ago that I thought would fit him next year. And he really liked being an elephant as long as he didn't have to have the hood up.

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