18 October 2011


We got back from a weekend away in Ottawa last night. It was a great mini-holiday. There were lots of beautiful big old buildings (Henry called them 'big houses') to see and loads of lovely walks along the river with lots of views of those beautiful old buildings. And we stayed in a nice hotel that even had a pool that Henry got to enjoy. Here's Henry exploring the hotel room.

We had lousy weather - lots of wind with occasional rain showers. But mostly we still got to spend lots of time out and about all day and we had some blue skies.

Poor Henry had to spend a lot of time in his stroller. We let him out a bunch of times but he was not in the mood to walk along nicely with us and with the nasty weather we were not in the mood to hang around waiting for him to be ready to move after stopping every few feet. But he was mostly pretty happy or at least well behaved most of the time anyway. Here he is ecstatic that he finally got to walk around a bunch at the Gardens at Rideau Hall.
Here are some views from the riverside walk. We would have liked to have done lots more walking by the water but the weather stopped us and we left early on our last day.

We drove into Quebec so Kevin could stock up on fancy Quebec beers that he can't get in Ontario.

We enjoyed some nice restaurant meals. Here Henry decided to copy Mommy and dip his fries into ketchup. Not all of our meals involved fries, we had a fancy-ish mexican meal the night before.

It was great to have a simple weekend city break. Took not too much more planning than booking the hotel and then we just got to walk around this amazing city. But we've been quite busy at the weekends for the past little while so we'll be staying in town for awhile I think.

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