14 October 2011

Kids Clothes Week Challenge

I decided to go for Elsie Marley's Kids' Clothes Week Challenge this time. The goal is to sew kids' clothes for an hour each day for a week and it started on Monday. I won't quite be managing that. Monday was Thanksgiving and we are going for a mini break away this weekend so this might be it for KCWC. But I got several hours in from Tuesday to Thursday and got quite a bit done I think, not that everything turned out great. Henry's not in a super mood this morning and it's raining out so these are the best pictures I could get.

These pictures show some simples felted wool pants I made from the sleeves of a wool sweater. Super simple to make and they turned out really well I think. I even remembered to put a little tag in the inside so you can tell which is the back.

They also show a wool sweater that I made him from a felted wool sweater. I used the raglan T-shirt pattern from Sewing for Boys. At the last minute I decided not to put the seams on the outside which was fine, it was still easy to use the pattern. And I went up to size 2/3 (partly because there is a mistake in the book and size 18 months is not included) and it is perfect for a fitted sweater. I love this sweater which means I am super disappointed that the neck came out all huge. And I knew it was happening at the time but I kept going, using more neck binding than it called for because I just couldn't manage it with the correct amount. I guess that's something I need a lot of practice on.

And another pair of pants. These also didn't turn out so well :( I used the pants pattern from Handmade Beginnings and went up to size 18-24 months even for this skinny guy because I was using thick material. But it was a knit so I really shouldn't have. So they are much too big, maybe they'll look better next winter. I also think they're just not as cute as I imagined. Oh well.

I also got a bit of a start on a jacket for Henry, also from Sewing for Boys and I think that will turn out well.

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