13 December 2011


Henry just loves feeding those ducks. And they seem to be getting hungrier and bolder as the weather gets colder.

After a cold and windy weekend, Henry and I have been enjoying the milder weather these past two days. Yesterday we discovered a big ice patch and he thought it was so fun to be slipping and sliding and falling all over it. And it was so much fun for me to see him discover this completely brand new thing and to hear his giggles. All those clich├ęs about reliving your childhood through your kids spring to mind.

Today we walked to downtown Waterloo (a walk that used to seem much shorter before I had a toddler). We had a nice time stopping in at a few shops and seeing the train and the animals that are in the park there. Henry was happy because we stopped at the health food store to stock up on raisins and I gave him the bag for the walk home. These days he loves raisins maybe even more than bread.
But he is happiest today playing around the big tree in our front yard. Here he is playing peekaboo.

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