20 December 2011

Baby #2

We will become a family of four in May with baby #2 due on the 11th. We had the ultrasound on Monday and yes there is a baby in there. I went through first trimester sickness, have a baby belly, have little aches and pains, and am always tired. But it still seems unbelievable that there is a baby in there. Even after we saw its little legs and face and spine.
Of course we have all those same regular worries about baby #2 as every family. Suddenly we notice how much attention Henry demands. We have already begun messing with our lovely sleep strategy of Henry and me falling asleep together after nursing at night. As much as any sleep book might tell us that this is a mistake and as much as we might have our work cut out for us over the next 4 1/2 months to get Henry just a little more independent and ready for the new baby, it has been a lovely and very easy almost two years. Nothing feels better than doing what feels right to you as a mother especially when it works. And we are making some slow progress in our quest to change things up a bit. Last night Kevin put Henry to sleep completely on his own just by telling him stories in bed for 20 minutes. Next we just have to hope this was not a fluke and then turn our attention to those night wakings.
And just this weekend I finished my first knitting project for the baby. I used a variation of the 5 hour baby sweater. A little yellow cotton cardigan.
We tell Henry all the time about the baby in Mommy's tummy and he will kiss my belly but he doesn't get it. He's too busy baking with Thomas anyway.

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