06 December 2011

Winter Wonderland

Finally the rain switched to snow and we woke up to a beautiful winter wonderland this morning.
I understand all the nasty bits about winter. I drive just enough to realize it is often unpleasant and less safe in the winter. I have a toddler who often puts up a fuss about getting dressed in his winter gear (and even when he isn't complaining it can still be a big production). But there are nice bits too like this beautiful scenery. As well as the cozy feeling of staying inside with tea and blankets.
It was a nice temperature with no wind this morning so Henry and I spent some time outside. We walked around in the park a bit but Henry didn't like walking through the snow too much because ... he didn't like getting snow on his boots. Seriously, he kept saying "wipe boots". He is a real priss these days. Last night he seemed to want to eat pasta but was struggling with his fork and didn't want to get his hands dirty by eating with his hands. Luckily he is now pretty good at painting with brushes because finger painting is out these days, he often prefers to use markers for this reason too! However, I should also mention that it is nice when he asks for his hands to be wiped before touching everything in the house with sticky hands. And he even tells you right away when he spills something and is almost always up for helping clean it up.

And here are some more duck feeding pictures. He's just so sweet when he feeds them I have to keep taking out the camera. And it seems to be his current favourite activity. This morning he said "no playground, no hike, duckies eat" and wanted to get into the stroller so we could go find the ducks. He is very clingy and exhausting at the moment but thank goodness he is also loads of fun.

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