04 December 2011

New Food

We tried some interesting new vegan foods this past week.

The first was my second go at this nut cheese recipe. This time I used half almonds and half cashews so it didn't taste so much like cashews. It doesn't taste like too much of anything on its own so is easy to flavour with some herbs and garlic powder and makes a perfect cream cheese spread for bagels. It was nice to have a bagel with cream cheese for the first time in years and also nice to have a really quick filling snack or lunch in the house that is not hummus, something that my mostly vegan diet lacks. The recipe is from the book Live Raw.

The second was this steamed sausage recipe. I used the bratwurst spice mixture so that I could serve it up with my sauerkraut. (If I make sauerkraut again next year I must remember to give some away, one cabbage makes a lot!) This is a good and simple recipe. But it's not quite perfect, it's the kind of recipe that makes you want to tweak it and tweak it to make it just right for you. For Kevin and I that will mean attempting to make it juicier. One of the cool things about them is that they hold together so amazingly well so I figure we can sacrifice some of that hold together power to add some extra oil to the recipe and maybe even some onion pieces too? Got to experiment!

And here's Henry's food experiment of the week - taking a bite out of a giant kohlrabi. He saw it on the cutting board and insisted that it was a big apple even though I told him it wasn't. He also insisted that it was Henry's big apple. He seemed to believe me finally when he managed to get a bit off and spat it out. But then he tried it again when he saw it all cut up on the counter, again he spat it out. If only he was always so adventurous with all his eating - he is still on a diet of mostly smoothies and bread.

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