19 December 2011

Henry Loves the Snow

When Henry got up yesterday morning he noticed the snow out the window himself and soon he was asking to go outside for a walk. So sweet! So Kevin took him out. There was lots to do in the house before friends came over for lunch but how can you deny a toddler who wants to go out in one of the first snows of the year.
At first he wanted to stay in the stroller, was a bit weary of the snow. But then he toughened up and came out and liked making "train tracks" in the snow with Daddy and saying "choo choo". Of course he kept asking for his boots to be wiped but Kevin said he got over that eventually.
And then Kevin brought out the shovels and Henry loved that. He helped while Kevin did the driveway and then wanted to more so he walked along the sidewalk shovelling just a little as he went.
I can't get over how much fun this age is.

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