29 December 2011

Henry's Christmas

Henry had a great Christmas. Christmas day itself was a little overwhelming for him and I had to take him home from the celebrations at my in-laws early just to calm down. But subsequent parties were a little calmer and we were a little more aware of what he could handle so there were no other meltdowns.

His favourite part might have been eating lots of chocolate. I thought I was ok with him eating as much as he wanted at this one time of year but I grossly underestimated how much he would want to eat so there was some whining and some hiding of chocolate and no one was allowed to say the word around him.

And of course he loved unwrapping lots of new toys. He is now very good at saying "open present". He flipped out over all of his car toys that he unwrapped and opened some books that he immediately wanted to be read.

We are at my mum's for another week, enjoying even more family time.

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