18 December 2011

Henry's Handmade Christmas 2

We gave Henry his 2nd Christmas present from us this morning. I made Henry a fabric dollhouse using this tutorial. And then from wooden dowels and balls, I made him our little family to go with it: Mommy, Daddy, and Henry. I also made a little table and chair to go with it. And on top of all that a car that fits the whole family. The people and car and furniture were all my own idea and I couldn't believe it when they actually turned out the way I had imagined!

First he took out the house with the people and furniture in it and he played with that. He immediately knew it was a little chair and put Henry in it at the table. He even got that the dolls were Mommy, Daddy, and Henry. We painted the people with regular acrylic paints but the rest was just finished with the beeswax polish that I made for Henry's natural wood blocks.

And then he took out the car and put the people in and has mostly been playing with that part of it. So awesome to see him play with toys we've made. And I always love it when he plays with little people, making them eat and walk and jump and lie down.

I borrowed a drill press to make the car so everything is lined up perfectly and it rolls really smoothly. I just copied the idea of making little cylindrical holes for the people to fit in from fisher price little people.

Some friends came over later in the day and gave him a Thomas the Tank Engine Toy so the little dollhouse is mostly forgotten for now but I think he will like it again.

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