16 February 2012

A bag for Henry

Henry is still quite into dressing up. So I made him this little bag a few weeks ago. Super simple, open top so he can get in and out of it easily. The best part was that I got to dive into my collection of kids' fabric.
Here he is opening his little present, not too impressed.
So it took me a couple weeks to finally get a couple good pictures of him using it. On this day he decided he wanted to play with it all on his own, went and got it, needed a bit of help putting it on, and then started putting his toys in all on his own. Made me so happy seeing him enjoy it like that. And he's used it a few other times as well.
Here he is showing me that he's happy.
He's such a sweet little boy these days, I love seeing these pictures of him "playing" - so intent, knowing just what he wants to do next. (Yes we've been having some lovely tantrum free days recently and I am feeling extra in love with my "perfect" kid.)

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