12 February 2012

For Baby

I knit up some baby booties for the new baby recently. None of the booties I knit for Henry before he was born ended up fitting - he had long skinny feet at birth. But I think this is a better pattern. It is Bernat's free pattern for baby booties and the same one that Soulemama uses - so it must be good.
I used cotton yarn since the baby is not due till May 11 when it could be quite warm already. And the yellow pair should be a tad smaller than the green since I went down a needle size but I can't see a difference.
Something about these little booties was so fun to knit that once the yellow ones were done I immediately started the green. But now I've moved on to a little sweater - so fun to knit for the little baby inside my tummy.
I showed Henry the little boots and told them they were for the baby in Mommy's tummy. But he disagreed and said they were his. And then tried unsuccessfully to put them on. I've bought the baby a few clothes with cars or animals and even Sesame Street characters on them thinking Henry will love to point at the baby's fun clothes but now I see that it could turn out a different way.

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