05 February 2012

A Warm Sunday

We had a lovely warm day today. And we managed to spend most of it outside. Just the three of us spending the day together doing fun family activities - it was very nice.
In the morning we went on a walk by the Grand River in RIM Park. It was fun but Henry was being naughty in a brand new way - running away! He's been so good about that up to now, he usually just moans and cries about not being allowed to go the way he wants and we have to go pick him up but he has never just started running away from us. He's changing! But he was still a sweetie pie for most of the walk and we had all enjoyed it.
The picture below is Henry playing "Watch out, plants everywhere!"
We came home from our walk, had lunch and then headed out to play in the front yard. Henry played on the driveway while Kevin and I had some drinks and chocolate on the front porch and I even did some knitting outside!
Then Henry suggested we go on a walk so we did. Henry rode along on his lion car for most of the walk. That second picture is just what it looks like - Henry hugging a fire hydrant that he took a liking to.
After an early dinner, we all headed to the big indoor swimming pool that has an awesome section for toddlers. It is currently Henry's favourite thing so that was fun for all of us. Henry fell asleep on the drive home after his busy day and now Kevin and I have the evening just the two of us. All we have planned is chocolate chip cookies.

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