15 February 2012

Valentine's 2012

Just a quick record of our 2012 Valentine's celebrations. I already went over the top with the decorations but for celebrating we just did a few special things. I bought some chocolate croissants for breakfast but poor Henry missed out because he just refused to try any of the pieces with the chocolate on.

For dinner I made our favourite cheeseless pizza. Henry only ate the crust but I can't blame him as I accidentally made the sauce hurt-your-mouth garlicky. Kevin and I still managed to enjoy it despite the garlic overload.
And for dessert we did chocolate fondu. This part I really thought Henry would love and he enjoyed it but he refused to do any proper dipping. He just liked to dip his fork into the chocolate and paint his plate with it. But he let me put a little bit of chocolate in his mouth and he ate a bunch of strawberries later on.
And Daddy pulled some silly faces while we took these sweet pictures.
After Henry went to bed Kevin and I watched Midnight in Paris (which we both thought was just ok) while eating some more chocolate. It was a pretty perfect Valentine's Day.

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