08 February 2012

Adventures in Raw Food

So looking up vitamix recipes had me coming across several raw food recipes as well. And it got me interested. It's obvious to me that there are lots of benefits to eating more raw food and I also thought it would be fun to try brand new foods.

Here's some raw food snacks I tried: kale chips and sweet potato chips from recipes on this blog. Both done in the dehydrator on a low temperature so still considered raw, the enzymes should all still be intact I believe. The kale chips were really good, they have a very flavourful tahini dressing on them so they tasted just like a Caesar salad. The sweet potato chips were just ok.

I also tried a raw hummus recipe from Carol Alt's Raw 50 where the chickpeas are soaked overnight instead of being cooked. Apparently cooking legumes changes a lot of the protein to carbohydrates which I don't want. The raw hummus wasn't gross or anything but I didn't like it and it's still sitting in the fridge. Too bad because I eat a lot of hummus.

And I got really adventurous and made this recipe for raw sushi. The funnest part is that instead of rice you use raw parsnips put through the blender until it is the consistency of rice. This was good but it was quite a bit of work so don't think I'll be making it again anytime soon.
And tonight I made this raw pad thai using kelp noodles. It was really good and really easy, I will definitely be making it again. And the kelp noodles are so cool! Once we get basil growing in the garden I could even have all the ingredients in the house for a quick unplanned lunch.

I think it would be really cool to make a big switch to eating mostly raw foods and maybe one day I'll do it for a month or something. In the books I've been reading the authors always talkabout how they feel so much better on a raw diet and all their chronic health problems improve. Yes, I'll definitely try to make a big switch one day when I'm not pregnant, I'm dying to see if I would feel any different. I still have lots of raw food recipes bookmarked to try - zucchini pasta for sure and I still have to delve into the world of raw desserts!

Henry, of course, has not been even trying many of these fun new foods. Actually he did try a few sweet potato chips but eventually decided he did not like them. He's sticking to the old favourites like french fries and chocolate granola (a new granola recipe that I've invented recently, just need to perfect it and I'll post it for sure).

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