21 February 2012


Kevin and I went away for this past weekend and left Henry with his grandparents. That was a big step for all of us. We all had a great time.

Kevin and I drove to Michigan and stayed in a bed and breakfast in Kalamazoo for two nights and visited Grand Rapids for a day.
Michigan has some of the best beer in the world so we spent a lot of time in Brewpubs sampling beer and eating pub food.
Both cities featured awesome historic districts with huge old houses. We even had a tour of the Meyer May House - a House designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1910. It was beautiful and crazy technologically advanced too - central vac and panels that were windows in the day and beautiful light fixtures at night.

The other houses were pretty interesting too. Luckily I was having a good walking day - no cramps or other pains - and so we walked and walked all around the historic district.
We brought our allotted 17L of beer over the border and so we will be remembering this trip for months to come.
And today I am spending some quality time with Henry. I missed him like crazy over the weekend. He was too busy having fun with Grandma and Grandpa to think about us though.

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