26 April 2012

Nursing Cushion Covers

It's been so long since I've completed a "project" that I wanted to post this even though it's a bit blah and even more blah in pictures.  I made 2 new nursing pillow covers.  I use my nursing pillow a lot.  I was still using it most times I nursed Henry when he was 13 or 15 months old.  I used to get him set up and browse the internet while he lay on the cushion and nursed.  If he was ready for a nap he would just fall asleep like that and I would transfer him to his playpen for a nap.  There were times last year when I was thinking I really shouldn't get into the habit of having baby #2 only learn to fall asleep nursing, but in reality I'm sure I will do it again - it was just so easy.  (Note that, since it's easier to use the mouse with my right hand, this is one of the reasons I ended up nursing on just one side for our whole second year of nursing - must really make sure I don't let that happen again.)

I did make one of my own covers last time around but this time I had the idea to use knit fabric.  So they are very nice and soft.  And super easy to make because of course they conform and stretch to the shape of the cushion so much better than a woven even if the shape is not dead on.  And I can just stretch them over the cushion and close them up with a little draw string on one end of the tube instead of an envelope back closure.  

Nothing much else to report, we are still mostly just playing.

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