13 April 2012


Just some pictures from our day of nice weather. It was a windy week so this was the first day we spent much time outside. I had also been wearing myself out in the morning so that by the time it was warm enough to go out in the afternoon I was too exhausted. I made sure not to do that today and had lots of energy left for the afternoon. We even got out on the bike.
I know Henry had a great time because he kept telling me. At the park and in the backyard he said several times "Henry having fun". He even made the sentence longer and said "Henry having fun playing with water". It is so much fun to hear him talk these days. He's also quite into saying "Henry loves Mommy" (and big bird and helping) so life just couldn't get any better.
And here's a shot with the 36 week belly. It's getting close!

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