25 April 2012


We have graduated from big lego to middle-sized lego around here.  Henry can't push the pieces together nearly as well as he could with the big lego but he is getting there and Kevin and I are having a whole lot more fun with the duplo.  
We actually made a trip to Value Village on the weekend to stock up on more lego. (We were easily using up all our lego on one structure and then having nothing left to play with if the structure was too cool to knock down right away.)
Henry still loves his usual activities with the lego.  Helping make towers and more importantly knocking them down.  And playing with cars that we make for him out of the lego.  Our new Value Village set even came with some Lightning Mcqueen pieces (not all of the Lightning Mcqueen pieces so it looks a bit funny but Henry doesn't mind).
Here are a whole bunch of pictures of Henry and Daddy playing lego together on the weekend.  They were so sweet playing together, how could I not take this many pictures?

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