01 April 2012

Same Old

Nothing much to report here. I have been taking it easy. And saving my energy for taking Henry out and keeping the housework close to done so no projects.

I've been getting out with Henry in the mornings before my energy runs out. We have enjoyed some nice normal Spring weather this week but it's also been really really cold on some of the days which feels so much worse after that heat wave we had a couple weeks ago.
On Friday we had 5 cubic yards of soil delivered to the house. We want it for all over the property. The front lawn needs lots of work and I also need to replenish the vegetable beds with some good soil.
Henry loved watching the dump truck come into our own driveway and dump the dirt. And he loved playing out there in the dirt. He was out there for 45 minutes on his own on Friday and then for several hours on Saturday when we actually got some work done with it. So far Kevin has moved about 1.5 cubic yards of it I think.
And Saturday night Kevin and I had a dinner date while some relatives babysat Henry. While I was dressed nice I had Kevin take a picture of the 34 week tummy. Can't believe there are only 6 weeks to go!


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    1. Thanks! I bought it from Value Village for our date. It`s not even a maternity dress so should look even better after the baby comes out.