04 April 2012

The Soil

We've been spending lots of time the past 4 days moving that soil that was delivered on Friday. Shortly after it came on Friday we had snow so we weren't sure when we'd get a chance to work on it. But we've actually spent a few hours on each day moving soil. Well Kevin does the moving while I find other less energy intensive garden activities to attend to.
We had lots of uneven ground to fill in especially in the front after having work done out there years ago. And the back mostly needed some regular maintenance. My vegetables had been mostly surviving off the fact that the previous owner was a big gardener and kept the soil nice and I hadn't done anything much for the soil in the 4 years we've been here. So some serious TLC was in order.

We have 1 cubic yard (of 5) left and it is the compost I ordered for the vegetable beds. I've been getting those ready the past couple of days - pulling up old plants and doing a little digging in to counteract Henry's having walked over them for months. We are now teaching him to walk on the paths only and he's getting the hang of it.

Henry's going to miss the piles of dirt in the driveway. I've been letting him out there to play with it in the afternoons which he loves. And even more than that he loves helping Daddy fill the wheelbarrow and then dumping it. He loves saying "like Daddy" and "no talking, just dumping."
Luckily Henry is mostly content to play around the front and back yards and help Daddy. But he has also been asking to go on walks and go to the playground which we haven't been doing much. I'll have to make sure to do some Henry fun things today. Fun stuff has been happening over here too though. Swinging with Daddy and chasing ducks through the yard at least.

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