22 April 2012

37 Weeks

We took some time to take some maternity pictures today.  Since they were mostly going to be the same as with my previous pregnancy we focussed on taking pictures with Henry.  He was surprisingly co-operative and there are a few that I just love.  

I really wanted to do the pictures outside but we are having very cold weather and I didn't want to risk leaving it till the weather improved and missing out.  So I might do another session in a couple weeks if the weather ever gets warm.

Henry still likes talking about the baby and giving it hugs and kisses.  He also tells me to "cover baby" sometimes when he's not in the mood.  He also found all the old baby toys that I had out to clean and he loves those.  

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful!

    And Henry looks very cute...but you may need to teack him not to kick the baby before it comes!