02 January 2012

Dino Coat

I finished this jacket just in time for Christmas and wrapped it up with Henry's presents. It's not as fun as a toy of course but he likes it.
I started making it back when it was hard to get him to put on jackets and I thought the appliqueed dinos might help with that but that phase is over. And I also seem to have acquired several more jackets for Henry since then so it is definitely an unnecessary jacket. But I enjoyed sewing it. It is just a bit more complex then my average project and I think I also took just a bit more care with it than with an average project. And I really like the result.
It is the second pattern I've tried from the book Sewing for Boys that I bought myself at the end of the summer. Another great pattern. Simple but nice. And it's reversible! I used some orange and brown plaid acrylic for one side and appliqueed some dinosaurs from some bed sheet scraps. And the other side is a little less in your face with plain brown corduroy with the plaid just poking out on the collar and cuffs. Inside it is lined with a fleece blanket. The lining turned out to be a bit too thick because it made the sleeves a bit tight - the same thing that happened with the last jacket I made him. I swear I've learned my lesson this time.

Here it is on the orange and brown plaid with dinosaurs side.

Pointing out the dinos:

Playing with the trains at Chapters:

On our Lakeside walk on New Year's eve; also sporting his bear hood:

And here's the brown corduroy side that he wore on our rainy lakeside walk on New Year's Day.

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