27 January 2012


Big news! I bought a vitamix. I've owned it for just over a week now and I am in love. After breaking 6 blenders in 4 years (3 of those were $100+ too!), I decided to go crazy and buy the super expensive vitamix. So far I am very happy. I am definitely doing things with it that a regular blender just couldn't handle at all.
Henry and I were both very excited when the box was delivered. He kept saying there were toys inside. But he didn't seem too disappointed when he saw it was a blender instead. He just said "make it smoothie".
One of the first things I made was my very own almond butter which was delicious. I was thinking it might be one of those things that tasted extra good when it's freshly made and the almonds are freshly roasted. But no, it tasted exactly like the stuff that you buy. But I'm sure it is cheaper and it was super easy.
I'm making smoothies like always. But now they are much much smoother and I can put lots of cashews and almonds in and even a raw carrot. And it blends up the seeds from raspberries. We haven't had a single one of Henry's straw cups get blocked since we got it.
Both Henry and Lightning McQueen approve of the new smoothies. I have started drinking them too.
And today I tried this recipe for strawberry parfait made from strawberries and cashews. I admit the first bite tasted like cashews but by the second bite I didn't notice, it just tasted really good. And Henry really liked it which is a big deal since he is still not eating much.
Kevin and I are really loving a chocolate pudding I've been making in the vitamix using chia seeds and I will post the recipe for that soon. We didn't like the vitamix recipe for hummus but I did LOVE that the vitamix could easily make a double sized recipe of hummus - that's a litre of hummus, about a week's supply for us over here. AND I love that instead of using tahini, which is so annoying to scoop out and measure and makes a big mess, I can just use sesame seeds and the vitamix will turn it into tahini! What I think I will appreciate most though is not having to replace the blender in 6 months.
Today we are having a snow day. We needed some snow to replace the stuff we lost in the last week of warm temperatures and rain. We missed our playgroup today because I didn't want to drive in the blizzard so Henry and I will spend the day hanging around the house. Playing with toys and watching the snow and snuggling. It is looking less windy now, we'll have to go play outside soon.

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